Monday, December 17, 2007

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Closet

Remember that I forgot the finished Unoriginal Hat in Edison. That not only would New Roommate have to wait for her Chanukah present but there were also no pictures. Wrong.

It seems I attract uber-tidiers into my life. First my grandmother, then my mother (always tidy, her uber tidy gene only kicked in a couple of years ago) and now Marta, our cleaning lady. Does this mean I am a slob? No, don't answer that. In any event, Marta is an excellent cleaner but sometimes her uber tidy gene gets the best of her, the best of us all, with interesting results.

You see, I had just returned from Edison and Marta was already here. I barely put down my things and then ran out again to go grocery shopping, because when you've been away the better part of two weeks, don't have a car and it's snowing outside when the man with car says it's time to go shopping, you go shopping. It was when I returned and came down from the post Marta high that I also realized the hat was missing. I was sure I had left it behind. It was only later, while I was re-rearranging my things that I found it, with overnight bags and a pile of folded laundry sitting on my closet floor. Of course I mean, it had to go somewhere so Marta could vacuum, right?

Anyway, it is with great relief that I can now present:

An Unoriginal Hat

Modeled by: New Roommate.

a bit closer...

and from the top
And her sister hat, in progress:

Foo Foo on You

This time using the Little Bunny Foo Foo colorway.

Close up of stitch work

About 80% complete.

If I get my "chores" done like a good girl, I could easily finish this up tonight. And I already boasted about being cable needle free. Right? Woo hoo!

Now, there is one more hat (a surprise for someone...) in the queue, but the yarn is still en route so until then I'm thinking Odessa II is deserving of a bit of attention.

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