Friday, December 21, 2007

Easy Peasy

Once you finally get it right!

You KNOW I cast on for New Wave. Right? You KNOW I had to! Well, after a few failed attempts, I started to make my merry way through. I won't bore you with all the technical details here, because I've joined a KAL - my very first! - and you can read up on all the details by clicking on the Knitting New Scarves button over on the right to take you over to that blog. I will tell you this. It's all about rib division, combing stitches, different needle sizes and extra rows. If you are intrigued you must go to KNS-KAL blog and you MUST check out the book. By Lynne Barr. Knitting New Scarves.

Here are a few progress pics, to get you a bit excited:

ooh, wavy!

after the ribs are divided, it's like knitting a sock, almost

recombining the stitches for topsy turvy switcharoo

And since that Cascade 200 Lilac Mist looks so lovely, I'll share some shots of some new, squishy, yummy sock yarn I bought in a reminiscent shade. Just tell me which pattern is deserving of this lusciousness?

As for my FOs, you'll see over on the right that I've added a few. I'm just waiting for the right model so I can get some good shots. And how do you make boring gray clogs into something exciting? I have a few ideas!

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H-J j said...

Grey clogs BORING???? No such thing!