Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Scarfy Bits

Although I'm far, far from home (Ok, I'm back in Edison working,) I can still share, can't I? This time I preloaded some photos before I left so I could show and tell a bit. I don't know how much time I'll have to knit over the next few days but I can sneak in a post now and then and review some of my WIPs and some FOs I haven't shown you yet. Today it's all about scarves.

First, Tudora. I whipped this lovely thing up in an afternoon as a gift, which has yet to be given. I'm still looking for a button, can you believe it? I think I found just the thing over at Jimmy Beans but really, a $3 button with $4 shipping. So I'm saving my pennies to put in a normal order. In the meantime the recipient has tried on her Tudora and is happy indeed. I know where to put the button, so it's just a matter of patience right now. Tudora is a nice, asymmetrical ruff of a thing and looks quite elegant on. When I saw it I knew that it must go my new a friend, a proper English lady, indeed.

Here are some shots of Tudora, modeled once again by the lovely New Roommate. It's just pinned together with a clip on earring, standing in for a button. Good old New Roommate. She's a keeper alright.

You know I started on New Wave last week? Well this is how far I've gotten since then.This is one of the two projects I brought with me. (I forgot the socks, can you believe it?) It's quite an easy knit so if I can drag myself away from this, I should make some good progress.

So what's all the fuss about? Jeanie is the new, and in my opinion, improved Clap. I had Clapotis in my queue for a long, long time. I even started one once but I didn't have enough yarn to finish the project. Remember this? I just didn't think the pattern justified at least one more skein of ArtYarns Silk Rhapsody. And you can also see that I've had my eye on Hand Maiden for a very long time.

Jeanie's got the same slip stitch goodness, and more, so much more. It also has reversible cables a la Elbac and a fabulous cabled edging. Because the yarn calls for a fingering weight on larger needles, a swatch was merited to make sure I'd get the drape. This should give you an idea of how this is going to go.

Jeanie swatch in Mini Maiden, Bronze colorway.
Hand dyed, 50% silk, 50% merino

I've done about 25 or so rows so far, almost completing a full pattern repeat. I also remembered to bring my camera with me so I may be able to get a decent progress shot before I return home on Monday. Although the pattern calls for lots of markers I find that I'm doing just fine marking the major section changes. I really don't refer to the pattern that much either, just to check when I get to a cable row, M1 row or Drop Stitch row. It's really a wonderfully clever, and yet not too difficult, pattern. I'm finding it very easy to"read" my knitting, which makes all the difference in the world when it comes to patterns with lots of charts. Just remember it's a K1P1K1P1 rib, only the first K and the last P are through the back loop. There are additional K stitches strategically placed for dropping later on. That's it. Honest. And maybe one day I'll use that Silk Rhapsody and make my self a skinny Clap. Or not.

After Koolhaas, 2 Unoriginal Hats (you'll see the second one soon, promise,) Tudora and now Jeanie, there seems to be a cable trend going on here, no?

Well that's it for now. I must get back to work!

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