Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Here We Go Again

Now that I have become addicted... Now that I have made an investment in some drool worthy sock yarns... Now that I have a set of KnitPicks sock dpns AND have learned to Magic Loop... I wonder if I am cut out for knitting socks. I know, KNOW that if I can get through even just one, one sock knit to gauge, one sock stretchy and true, then I will have full confidence, but until then...

Once again, after gloating about my progress, I see that the socks aren't right. This time they are too tight, too dense. No stretchiness, no smooshiness. Over compensation for hugeness of the last pair? Perhaps. But this time I think I caught it soon enough to not want to give up all together. So rather than following my instincts, and frogging this thing with a vengeance, I put it to the side. And breathed. And pulled out the 2.5mm needles, a second ball of yarn, and cast on.

So here I am, cuff and 11 rows of pattern knitting completed. And I think (hope, pray,) that this time it really will be ok!


Hi-jinx junkie said...

You could always just make me booties in a size 36 :)

Margo (Ravelry=Beanmama) said...

You can do this... you will do this... Jaywalkers are a weird pattern - they lack stretch. They're hard to size right for that reason.

But I feel ya - I'm feeling like I have to go through the sock-sizing thing with every bleeding new heel I learn. Grrf. I think that's why a lot of sock knitters seem to find a heel they like and convert all the patterns to that heel rather than doing things as written all the time. ;)