Monday, October 8, 2007

Baby Steps

Some things come in a rush of excitement but then progress in fits and starts. Somethings start off slowly, and cautiously, but in the end take on a life of their own. When we begin a journey we don't always know which way it will go. This move of mine, like some of my knitting projects, has been taking the slow road. Which, sometimes, can be a good thing. Maybe I haven't been ready to throw myself into to anything yet. But the time has finally come. A new year has begun and like a baby taking its first steps, I am ready to explore places I previously could not reach. And so, next week I move again, (same city, different apartment.) Perhaps this stop will be a bit more permanent. I'll follow through on all my leads and, hopefully, land myself a job that will be challenging and rewarding, which is the way I like things. And hopefully this will bring me back to a regular schedule. Structure is really a necessity for me. I need rules so that I can break them when necessary. With no rules I just kind of flounder. And with the renewed structure in my life, I will get back to consistent blogging as well as consistent knitting.

It's been too long a break to go into too much detail on my various projects so here are some pictures to catch you up.

First, 2 big Mazal Tovs went out to my family during Succos. I have two new baby cousins, one girl and one boy. My cousins (sister and sister-in-law) gave birth within a few days of each other. As the little man is pretty local, I whipped up this pair of Baby Bootees by Saartje. The pattern is free, from her blog. I have also made the first half of a second pair, which should be making its way to London soon.

This pair is made from Colinette's Jitterbug in Bright Charcoal on 2.75mm needles. This is the same yarn I am using for the Jerusalem Jaywalkers, going out to my favorite Hi-Jinx junkie.

And this pair is Lorna's Laces in Georgetown. Also 2.75mm needles.

I'm thinking this may make some fine Chanukah presents.

With a desperate need of something soft and squishy in my hands, I cast on for Wavy from Knitty.

Andean Silk in Cranberry. 4.5mm needles.

Also OTN, my second attempt at a pair of socks. If these work out I will confidently revisit the Ruffled Cuff Socks. But first to get through these, the Jerusalem Jaywalkers:

And here is a close up of the pattern:

I have finished the leg portion and am now at the heel flap. They look the right size, but then I thought that last time too! I have measured several times and am knitting to gauge. The socks are very dense but that will only keep the toesies warmer!

And finally, Arietta. Though I may be taking my time with her, I am still enjoying the process and the results.

And look how good I am getting at carrying the yarn and keeping it tidy!

So here's to the New Year, to new beginnings and happy endings.


Hi-Jinx Junkie said...

I love the name and the look!

Ayelet said...

All so gorgeous!
I love the booties - now I'm going to have to add a pair to the Baby Yoda sweater I'm making..

Orlop =) said...

Oh my those booties are just precious, I must bring my self to make a pair for my daughter due this January.
My knitting has slowed down to a snails pace.