Monday, October 15, 2007

Mini Me

Could it be? I finished a pair of socks! Baby socks, but still. A PAIR. Knit to gauge!!! Magic Looped!!! Oh happy day!

These are going to Baby Rosie, my newest cousin in London. I hope her mummy will be pleased.

Pattern: High Energy Baby Socks by Jodi can be found here.
Yarn: Knit Picks Essential in Multi Meadow
Needles: 2.75 mmm; Knit Picks Fixed Circulars.
Gauge: 8 sts = 1"

While the socks are mainly stockinette, (time was running short and I was looking for an easy knit!) what clinched it for me was the cuff detail. A picot edge and eyelet between a two garter ridges. Very cool. I just can't do plain!

Of course it took a while until I found these. First there were Saartje's Bootees (the one in LL Georgetown found in my previous post.) But I have yet to start its mate. I started having palpitations for fear there wouldn't be enough yarn to make my Pomatomi (Pomatumuses?). I ordered another hank but the dye lots were so different I could NEVER pull it off. So the little mate will have to wait until socks for Tante J are complete.

Next I decided a pair of baby Jaywalkers would do nicely, a sweet little sock that could also work as a trial for the Hi-Jinx Junky's Jerusalem Jaywalkers. Well I finished one but really, they should called Toddler Jaywalkers, not Baby.

Here is the first one, made in LL Sherbet. The perfect colorway for a Rosie, no?

I am very happy with the result but I just felt that I wanted to send a present that wouldn't have to sit in a drawer for the next year and a half. And as I said, I was in a hurry. Perhaps they will be a Chanakuh gift next year. But it was good experience and I am more confident about the "big girl" size I have yet to finish. I just hope they won't be too tight.

Which brings us full circle to the Jaywalkers. This is such a well known pattern. I figured that must be because everyone loves it so. The perfect choice. So do you think I checked Ravelry to see what others had to say. No. Bad Tante J! Many people had frogged theirs and totally given up. So it wasn't just me! This is a tight knit! I'm glad I stopped when I did and went up to 2.75 mm needles. Look for your self:

Original pair - they should be measuring 4"!

dense, no stretch

Bye, bye original pair.

Now compare this to the new pair, knit on bigger needles:


nice and stretchy!

So here's hoping that they retain their added strethiness and cradle the Hi-Jinx Junky's toes instead of cutting of their circulation! Oh, do you see I am now officially a 'Magic Loop'er. No more late night stabbings!

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HJ-Junkie said...

my tootsies await cradling :)