Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Little Slice of American Pie

I think the Beach Boys said it best, "I get around." In my own quiet, stay at home way, I have managed to live in 3 countries and visit 18 more. And yet. I feel like I have just seen America for the first time.

Last week I went to Edison, NJ for Rosh Hashana. My walk to shul led me past picture postcard homes of what America is supposed to look like. Front stoops with rockers, wreaths on doors, American flags waving, garden gnomes and other creatures on the front lawn. Visions from the movies and TV shows from my childhood sprang before my eyes. Oh my, I wasn't in California anymore (or London or Jerusalem for that matter!) I wish I could have taken pictures but being a holiday and all that wasn't meant to be (besides, I left the camera at home and as you'll see in a moment, I have still to master the camera in my cell phone. I still can't believe I have a camera in a cell phone!) And all this America reminded me that I had just created my own little piece of Americana.

Yes, I finally broke down and knit some dishcloths!

These house warming gifts were made for my cousins (and gracious hosts.)

Milchig in Summertime Splash

Fleishig in Playtime

Knit up in Lily's Sugar'n Cream, 100% cotton, worsted weight, in Summertime Splash (for Milchig) and Playtime (for Fleishig). The Fleishig one was photographed with my cell phone and the colors are pretty off. I worked like crazy on the train to get this done. Alas, with only a few rows to go I had to put it away until after Shabbos. If I had been a bit more organized I may have finished in time and been able to photograph this at home. Whatcha gonna do? A gift is a gift. I couldn't exactly ask for it back to be returned who knows when...

What attracted me to this project was its shape. Not your standard square, I found it whilst perusing some of my Ravelry friends' projects. The pattern can be found here.

As with most projects, I was looking to learn something new. This pattern had me learn a provisional cast on, a wrap and turn (both seen below - and check out the real colors of Playtime) and the Kitchener stitch.

OK, I am still perfecting my Kitchener stitch, but I think the cloths came out OK and I am happy with the results.

And now I feel like an American.


cathy Goldman said...

Hope you have am easy fast.......

Orlop =) said...

yeah, I like the shape as well...
hope the fast went well.
you got to live in London also. Now I'm envious ;-)

Leslie said...

Love the dishcloths. I've already bookmarked them. So pretty!