Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Sock is Born

Peer pressure. It is everywhere, in every society no matter how big or small, there will always be some kind of pressure exerted upon its members. And that's not always a bad thing, you know. Peer pressure from the knitting society has convinced me that I am not a knitter until I have knit a pair of socks. Read almost any knitting blog and there they will be. The sock knitters. Their socks. Their yarns. Their needles. And so I have succumbed. I have joined their ranks. I am now a Sock Knitter.

I present to you: My First Sock, from cast on to finished product, this little sock marks my grand entrance into society.

Ruffle Cuff Anklets by Ann Budd (Getting Started Knitting Socks, Interweave Press)
Yarn: Plymouth Sockatta
Needles: Lantern Moon, Sox Stix, 2.75 mm, blondewood
Gauge: 16 stitches and 20 rounds = 2"
Size: Child Medium
Intended Recipient: My Favorite Model - my niece T

What did I learn? All the sock basics.

  1. Old Norwegian method Cast On. Very flexible and not so different from a Long Tail, which is the first Cast On I learned. A little like finger gymnastics but not too hard once you get the hang of it.
  2. This was really my first experience with knitting in the round and DPNs (except for picking up stitches for cuffs, etc.)
  3. Making a Join and thus creating the ring
  4. Kitchener stitch. Something I had attempted and failed at in the past. Still not perfect, but getting there.
The rest; heel flap, turning the heel, gusset, etc. employed techniques I was already familiar with. I didn't take pictures of the Cast On or any of the Cuff process or any of the sock toe portion or the finishing but I did manage to capture most of the steps. So with no further ado...

Completed Cuff, turned inside out and direction changed to start Main Body.

Ribbed Leg section.

Heel Flap added

Heel Flap close up

Turning the Heel

Picking up Stitches to Start Gusset

Picked up Stitches

Gusset Close up

Blocked and Finished Sock

Now I'm not sure that these aren't a bit big for T. They are knit to gauge and are the smallest pattern size, but perhaps she is still more of a small than a medium. There's nothing to do but knit the other sock and let my sister put them away for a little bit. I just hope she likes them!


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the birth of my new socks. Black and grey worsted, please. If you MUST injected colour, a hint of charcoal...

Tara said...

Gorgeous first sock. It really is a pretty knit, and pretty yarn. Well done. :)