Tuesday, September 4, 2007

From Golden Gate to Garden State

This post would not be possible without the generous contributions from the great lady who made all things possible. My mom.

There are times that words won't come so for now I'll leave you with pictures (and maybe a caption or two.)

The Journey Begins (what, you thought I'd show you pictures of New Jersey?) shift + click to make me bigger

And quite a lady she is...

And that's no bull...

Miss Kitty Kat, waiting to travel back to California for Miss T's 5th Birthday

Monkey B Gone! (until I know what I am doing at least.)
New & Improved First Socks, Ruffle Cuff Anklets (from Ann Budd's Getting Started knitting socks)
Also for T's birthday package.

To make sure I do it right.

From the ordinary (purchased at Staples)

To the EXTRAORDINARY (don't forget: shift click to enlarge!)

Arietta Back

Arietta Sleeve

Arietta Left Front Border

And now a message from our sponsor...

And a final Happy Birthday shout out to my dad and to Miss L from the great city of La Jolla!


Ayelet said...

Look at Miss Kitty!!! She's great! I love how she turned out (and that's no bull :))

Tante J said...

Just know, you and your *threatening* messages were my impetus for finishing. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Finally updated your blog! The masses have been waiting with bated breath for any sign of life. Welcome back to the world of the living.

Elizabeth said...

What a sweet sock! So pretty. I'm still so jealous of your Arietta, it's going to be so much prettier than mine. But that's OK =;) Great pics!

Orlop =) said...

Well you have certainly been busy!
excellent pictures.