Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I Chopped Down the Cherry Tree

I must confess.
I can not tell a lie.
Not to you.
The sock,
Well something is just off.
I know it looks pretty good.
I like to steal a glance at it now and then.
Show it off.
Swell a bit with pride.
And then,
No matter how many times I check the gauge,
Convince myself that,
It is correct;
I know this sock is just too big.
It's a flop.
It will NEVER fit.
So I am starting over.
Smaller needles?
I still have plenty of yarn.
(Sockatta yarn is over 400 yards.)
I will make a new pair.
I will hold on to this.
My First Sock.
As a keepsake.


Anonymous said...

Not my sock right???????

Tante J said...

never fear. there is a reason i started with socks for a 5 year old. less to mess up. your yarn is on it's way.

Ayelet said...

It is still sock-shaped, which should cheer you up! :) I never managed to do this well so far.

I'm feeling better and now we're on a road trip to Vermont and New Hampshire. Sorry I didn't get to see you! :( Probably next time..

Orlop =) said...

Maybe you can make it into a puppet.
I love your writing.