Sunday, March 25, 2007

Betwixt and Between

This is just a quicky while a take a deserved respite from my Pesach cleaning. This year I am being even more fastidious in my sorting and stacking so it can get pretty involved. And yet... there are things that call to me at the strangest of times and I must heed their beckoning. Like those Backyard Leaves which I hear rustling in the background saying "finish me, finish me". And so I admit, I did sneak in one 20 row repeat this morning. I can't help it. This pattern is like a great book. You get completely absorbed in it and way too quickly you find you are nearing the end. Wanting desperately to finish and yet for the experience to gone on a while longer. Seriously. I never would have thought this think would knit up quite so quickly! And while I haven't yet memorized the repeat (find me someone who has!) I am less glued to the chart with every passing row. Much of this has become intuitive knitting and though I have had my share of frogging and *TINK*ing (that's knitting backwards to the uninitiated,) I find the chart more of a reference point to make sure I am on track. I have to say it, I Love this pattern. Really. I could do it again. OK, I must finish this one first, but you get my meaning. I am now on the second piece and have completed 2 of 12 (I added one because I have the yarn) repeats.

Oh how I love this pattern, let me count the ways:

It's a challenge. No boredom to be found.
It's knit in two pieces which makes it easier to block on my makeshift blocking board.
Because it joins up in the middle, it is quite forgiving while you are working the whole thing out (not that I didn't restart several times to make sure there were no mistakes.)
The yarn I chose (Knit Picks Andean Silk in Lettuce) is so soft to work with and reassuringly warm.
I'm sure there's more but this posting is supposed to be about brevity, so with no more ado, here are some pics of pre and post blocking:

Oh, and let's not forget my reversible, cabled scarf Elbac, which I also brought to the knitting event and finished up just moments before I sank my needles into those Backyard Leaves.

Wishing everyone a Chag Kasher v'Sameach.

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Anonymous said...

there is something very appealing about the deep texture and dimensionality of the unblocked 'leaves' - yum!

Orlop =) said...

Very pretty!!! love your writing style.