Sunday, March 18, 2007

Good things come to those who wait

Despite my self imposed moratorium on new yarn, a sincere effort to finish all UFOs and to get back to sweaters; I am pleased to announce my KnitPicks Andean Silk yarn arrived today. At last! The yarn is 55% Superfine Alpaca, 23% Silk & 22% Merino, the color is lettuce and I can't wait to start working on Backyard Leaves! And don't let this luxurious sounding blend fool you into thinking I spent a fortune either.

While my yarn took a very, very slow boat to Israel (via La Jolla, CA - thanks Di!!!) I began to wonder whether it would ever arrive. You see after I ordered it the end of January, it decided to take a longer vacation in La Jolla than I anticipated. I breathed a huge sigh of relief when I heard it was soaking up the Californian sunshine, even if I wasn't. This meant that it was not lost at sea... However a week ago I started worrying again, I mean the mail may be slow getting here but this was taking a wee bit too long. Then Friday morning I received an email from Di letting me know that it should be arriving any day (if it hadn't yet appeared.) So I went downstairs to see if my notice was there. No such luck, nor today when I went out for a meeting. And then, upon my return, after seeing my disappointingly empty mail box, I noticed that box next to mine had a delivery notice. Now I am not usually the nosy type, but I just HAD to look at the name, and yes IT WAS MINE!!!! So I waited 2 more hours for the post office to reopen, stood in line and was told about the million transparent people who were actually standing between me and the person I thought was in front of me (ok, there were only two but this crazy place holding here is beyond ridiculous. "I'm after you," they say as they disappear into the sunset or grocery store and finish their errands while you stand like a good girl - ooh am I sounding bitter or just fed up...) and finally the package was in my hand. And it was all worth it!

Let this be a portent of things to come!

In the meantime I finished my scarf based on the Laura Zukaite's lacy sweater Vogue Knits Winter 06/07. Here it is drying. I used Lanas Stop:Yes in colorway 205.

And here is a closeup of the lace work.
Now I have about 20 cm more of my Elbac scarf from Knitty (I am making version 1) plus the ending which is about 10 cm. Should be done tomorrow or the next day.

Then I am on to frogging my Banff sleeves so I can redo them using 2 balls of the Himalaya self striping yarn at the same time to give a more random look. And of course I will break my vow and finally start on Backyard Leaves.

Oh the thrill of it!


YajB (WoolleyMomMyth) said...

Scarf = lovely. Hmm - I have a gift certificate to Shani. Maybe some Lanas Stop mohair is in my future, too.

Knitpicks = drooling. I'm doing this scarf in a wool/silk blend - in a tweedy natural.

Please post pix of Himalaya & other wips.


Tante J said...

thank you, thank you! you can see the Himalaya & other WIPs in previous posts:

Elbac in progress: Feb 25
Funky Chunky (finished in Himalaya pink and orange colorway) Feb 5
Banff before frogging: Jan 16.

Anonymous said...

Nice stuff. Lite on the hi-jinx, but very pretty.

Ayelet said...

Wooow! Incredible colors! it looks so soft..