Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wet WiP Wednesday

Funny thing about the wonderful weather of NJ. Today looks like this:

but it's in the low 60's. Tomorrow promises the return of the sun, and a temperature drop of 20 degrees! I prefer sunny but colder, personally.

So, look at me, participating in the traditional WiP Wednesday! I mentioned the other day I was in the middle of a couple of test knits. And really, until at least this first one is done, there will be NO OTHER PROJECTS ON THE NEEDLES!

Besides the fact that this was supposed to be finished two weeks ago, I love it so much I want to wear it already! Here is Brunhilde:

Brunhilde is a top down raglan sweater with amazing cables. The charts are very clear, the instructions too. It even has tips to help you customize along the way. I'll give more deets when she's finished, but even with one sleeve you can get an idea of how she will look.

I feel less guilty about missing the deadline since my Test Knitting responsibilities are pretty much fulfilled. Since there is NO SEAMING on this, AT ALL, there will be no surprises for sleeve two. You don't have to wait for me to finish though, Brunhilde is now for sale!

And as for my other test knit... it's a bit under wraps. I so enjoyed knitting Calvados and admired other of Thea's patterns, that when an opportunity arose to test knit an upcoming pattern for her I grabbed the chance. I can tell you that it's aran weight, tweedy with some leafy detail and perfect for bundling up on a blustery day.

Here are a couple of sneak shots to tide you over. Thea plans to release this in early Jan and I can tell you it's a super fast knit. And check out Thea's other patterns over at her blog BabyCocktails.

Once I have permission to tell/show more. I will.

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Amy said...

I love all those cables! I wish I had the patience to tackle a sweater, but, alas, I do not, so I continue with my hats and scarves.