Thursday, November 5, 2009

It's the Little Things

The summer was mostly a blur of Selfish Knitting. Shawls were the order of the day, with hats second and gloves/mittens in third place. But it seems those days are numbered. I have things to knit for other people. Sad but true.

My niece T just turned 7 there is a sweater needing to be made and sent back with her grandmother in just a few weeks. There is a poncho needing to be started for a dear friend (and believe me she must be a dare friend because Tante don't do no ponchos!) and hat still to be made for the Cheerleader. I have given her the opportunity to decided if she still wants Gretel or something more Married Ladyish.

And then there is the set for Mimi. Mimi's mommy is my friend and co-worker and Mimi's mommy wanted a nice hat and mittens to go with Mimi's new charcoal gray Shabbos coat.

A Hat for Mimi
Pattern: Child's Lace Cap CH-3 (Fibertrends)
Size: 4-5 yrs
Yarn: Berroco Pure Merino
Weight: Aran Weight, put up 50 g, 92 yds.
Used: 2 balls
Colorway: Posy
Needles: KP Options 4mm & 5mm

Mittens for Mimi
Pattern: Basic Cuff Up Mittens
Size: 4 yrs
Yarn: Berroco Pure Merino
Weight: Aran Weight, put up 50 g, 92 yds.
Used: less than 1 ball
Colorway: Posy
Needles: KP Options 3.5mm & 4mm

Fortunately there are a few balls left over because Mimi's mommy also wants a matching scarf. I want to incorporate the lace pattern. Still working on ways to stop the edges from rolling, a garter stitch edging is just not what is called for. I'm thinking of a i-cord edge. It's something I've been using for a soon to be blogged about project and I like how it's looking. I'll keep you posted.


Lupie said...

The hat and mitt are so cute can't wait to see the scarf.

lunaticraft said...

SO CUTE! I'm sure the scarf will be amazing as well!