Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tweed. Brooklyn Style.

Remember back a couple of weeks back, when I picked up some of this wonderful Portland Tweed (Classic Elite)?

and knew, as soon as I saw it, that it was destined to become Habitat (Rav linky)? Well here it is, in all its glory:

(true color is in the ball above and pattern closeup below)

Habitat by Jared Flood
yarn: Classic Elite Portland Tweed
fiber: 50% Virgin Wool, 25% Alpaca, 25% Viscose
color way: 5013 (charcoal gray)
needles: KP Options (16"), 4.5 mm & 5.0 mm
CO Sat night, 6/27
BO Sun night, 6/28I love all this cable goodness!

And my cousin has promised to model this just as soon as it gets to him. And its cool enough to warrant having it on his head for more than 10 seconds!

The thing is, I have almost a whole ball left over. Too little to make a hat with, but too much to let it just sit. So I'm investing in two more balls which will enough to make two more hats, one for me and one another super sekret project. (Oh how we justify these things.) I thought about making another Habitat, but really?!? Two hats, completely identical, when there are so many other possibilities? So I'm using my Tweed, Brooklyn style. Of course you'll have to wait a bit to find about the super sekret project, but the second hat will be for me. Relm (Rav linky) also by Jared Flood. (If you are a registered Ravelry user make sure you see the pattern there. The pictures are so much better!)

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Laurence said...

Cousin here. C'mon get it to Edison already so I can try it on!