Monday, July 20, 2009

Cookie Fix

Every once in a while I get the craving. Maybe more than once in a while. You know what I'm talking about. An insatiable need for cookies. The I must have a cookie now feeling. For some it's chocolate chip, other Oreos. For me, its Cookie A (Rav linky). The complexity of elements in a Cookie A design make for the most satisfying sock knitting experience. I can't give you a good explanation as to why it took me over a year to knit these. Each sock on it's own took about a week, whilst working on other things. I can only tell you that now that it's finished, I have a whole menu of new Cookie A socks lined up, both patterns found at her site and from the new book, Sock Innovation. In fact there are so many I want to knit I don't know which to start with: Stricken, Twisted Flower, Marlene, Bex, Kai Mei...

This was also my first experience with Koigu. The yarn is a bit on the thicker side of sock yarns, so I was able to do go up to 2.75mm no problem. As with most socks, going up to this size also gives me not only the extra width I need but also the extra length for a size 9.5-10 foot. I also did 2 cuff repeats instead of 3. Good thing. I had but a few yards left over in each hank.

The sock itself was pure Cookie. Clever and fun. Twisted stitches, cables, great charts. They keep you focused and challenged but they are much easier to knit than one you might think.

Django by Cookie A
Yarn: Koigu KPM
Needles: KP fixed Nickel circular, 2.75 mm

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