Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Keeping the Faith

There comes a point in every project. Somewhere after the excitement of the cast on, between the wonder of the magic you are creating and the adrenaline rush to the finish, comes that moment. That moment. That "are we there yet?" moment that every knitter must work through.

So here we are. Past the enchantment but not so close to the finish line. My current WiPs in all their in between glory.

Looking smaller?

Yes, and bigger too. Wider, anyway. With the encouragement of Madstitcher1, I decided to follow fellow Raveler nutmegmeg's lead and make a wider Hanami. I have the yardage and I wasn't too far along that it killed me to frog.

I'm definitely glad I did it! Now as my mother would say, to "get on with it"!

I've turned a corner, so to speak.

The increase section is complete. The straight section begun. And look, I'm dropping stitches!

I have to stop myself from drooling (or crazy smiling) when I work on this. Is it possible for a knitter to be so besotted with her own work!
I am so digging my colorway choice. Korppi and Bleeding Hearts.

Yes, I'd love for this section to be over, but it has been great to work on in the car or at lunch due to it's simple pattern. And I love the effect. Can't wait for the leafy edging! Should I do it in the Bleeding Hearts or the Korppi? I'm leaning towards the Korppi. What do you think?

And finally, Random Love.
Now that I know this is for a boy, all thoughts of throwing in pink have been forgotten.
I think it's coming along swimmingly. I just don't know if I can finish it for Sunday.

With all the yarns I am using, this is not something I can tote around with me. I actually got a bit further on this evening. I've done a whole 9.5". Woo hoo!


lunaticraft said...

Beautiful work, as usual!

Luanda said...

You can do it!!! Think of the glory of binding off and blocking while you knit. I'm in a "black hole" stage myself but I'm pressing on! There's just so much for me to knit!