Monday, April 6, 2009

You're Expecting Something, Right?

My friends, there is so much I'd like to say. Pictures I'd love to share. Alas, I'm in a mad rush to the finish line. Two finish lines, actually. Pesach is just minutes away. Practically. And with candle lighting Wednesday night may come the end of my Sock Madness journey.

Fair Isle or Stranded Knitting is not really my expertise. To date, there is the ongoing failure of the Endpaper Mitts. They are still not done though I really do plan on getting them to the Cheeleader in time for autumn. Her, ahem, birthday present. And Longbourn Sophisticate has taking a little nap. So of course, with pattern 2 being released so close to Pesach, it had to be Stranded. Of course it did. To make matters worse, it was released at 9:20 am Shabbos morning. Which means I saw it about 12 hours after everyone else. I cast on and knit until about 2 am. Spent much of Sunday knitting as well. (I did some cleaning and shopping in there somewhere too). So here we are, Monday after work and this is all I have to show for myself.

No, wait. That's sock 2! I've finished Sock 1.

So far only 1 person has finished in my division. 20 will make it through. But I must finish it before Wednesday afternoon. I don't know if I'll make, but I sure will try!

Tokena by Tricia Weatherstone
Yarn: Shibui Sock in Kiwi and Midnight
Needles: 2.75mm KP fixed
2.50mm KP fixed for cuff, heel and toe


lunaticraft said...

Amazing sock. Good luck! =D

Anonymous said...

What an incredible pattern!

A zissen Pesach.