Thursday, March 26, 2009


I'm afraid I didn't finish the FBS. Such a disappointment since I won't get back to it for a few days. Other things take precedence. "Like what" you ask? "And what's with that photo yesterday," you may still be wondering. Worry not, tomorrow all will be revealed. So until then, here is the progress I made on the sweater yesterday.

I finished the band of garter along the bottom and even remembered to bind of with a purl stitch.

I actually knit about 1/3 of the sleeve 2 but that was after dark. And it's dark and dreary out now to take any pictures. I'm still hoping I may finish at lunch today. (Yes, today is still fair game for this project!) I wanted to show you the sleeve before I picked up the stitches.

The pattern has you put the body stitches to the side, CO 7 stitches before and after the live stitches used for the sleeve and knit flat. But that would mean seaming. Aand I don't want this languishing because I didn't want to deal with all the peskiness involved. Instead, I put the 28 sts of the sleeve on a holder and added the 14 (x 2) into the body. You can see those below the stitch holder. When I was ready for the sleeves, I put the live stitches back on the needle and picked up 14 more from the Cast On edge.

And then went round and round, substituting K rows for the P rows. It looks pretty good to me!

So once I finish sleeve 2 all I have left is to weave in a few ends and add the buttons. I'm thinking red will be perfect!


Frenzy23 said...

Red buttons would be a great compliment to the plum color! I love it, the stitch is beautiful.

lunaticraft said...

That is going to be adorable. Heck, it already is!