Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I had hoped last night to get you a progress shot of the February Baby Sweater. I am making good progress. In fact I am making such good progress I've decided to hold back on the pictures until the sweater is ready. Which it almost is.

There was another minor setback. But really. Minor. I took it in to work yesterday to show it off to one of my colleagues. The one just back from maternity leave, the recipient of the BSJ (Rav Link). Well she took one look and confirmed that it was indeed on the short side. After I had bound off, of course. Hmmph.

Last night I finished the first sleeve, opened up the binding, ripped back to the last pattern row and continued on. Turns out I ended on row 2 of the pattern, not 4, so I knit those two rows and another repeat. That added another inch which is just about right. I have to keep reminding myself it is a baby sweater. Now all that's left is 10 rows of garter stitch and the second sleeve. I'm hoping to get that finished up and photographed for you. Though it may have to wait until the morning. Because it is almost finished. Almost. Well, I'll still have to find buttons. But that's something else altogether.

Until then I leave you to ponder the significance of this:

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lunaticraft said...

Don't know what that photo means, but it looks really yummy. =D

Can't wait to see the finished sweater!