Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pretty in Pink

I love Gretel. I love how it looks, how it feels. I loved how easy, yet never boring, it was to knit. And I love all the compliments I have gotten on it! I just had to have another Ysolda hat and work with the Ultra Alpaca again. Oh, and it had to be pink. So off I went to Stix-n-Stiches and picked up some of the gorgeous pink, enough for a hat and mittens or gloves. (After reading the this Yarn Harlot post a few weeks ago - see Excuse 7 - I've felt an overwhelming need for matched sets!) I may have also picked up some more New England Shetland in Garnet so I could have a hat to go with my Druid Mittens. Have I shown you those yet?

But I digress. I bought the pink. I have a large head (go on ask my mom, she'll say it's big. I prefer large.) I have A LOT of curly hair. Hat patterns tend to be small. So if there isn't room in the pattern to add an extra repeat I go up a needle size. Like I did with Gretel. I chose Rose Red this time and cast on for a medium size since the wool is slightly heavier wool (the pattern calls for DK) and knit on faithfully knowing all would be ok. And it was. It was a beautiful hat.

And then I tried it on.

It covers my nose People. Thanks for all the compliments, but it covers my nose!

Now the original pattern calls for Angora. I don't love fuzzy, and I don't have Angora. But we are in recession. Right? So I couldn't justify buying even more yarn for this. Not with the perfectly beautiful Ultra Alpaca sitting there mocking me. And with some stealth Sundara on the way... So I went shopping in the stash and found this:

Teddy's Wool Lady Mohair Rich. From Israel. Sitting in an abandoned suitcase for over 1.5 years. And yes, there is acrylic. A lot of acrylic. And it's Mohair, not Angora. But I cast on anyway.

I went with the large this time. Not taking any chances. That's the problem with top-down hats. You really don't know if it's going to fit until you've gone ahead and done all the work.

It's still pink. And the lace work shows through. I'm hoping I fall in love with it. But as I said before, it's not going to make itself in two days!

And look. There's more pink.

My first time using yarn from Colourmart. Cashmere. On the cone. Lace weight. Hmmm, a secret project that I've been thinking about a long, long time.

Isn't it pretty?

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Frenzy23 said...

That acrylic is impressively fluffy looking, it does almost look like angora!
If you are ever in the mood to splurge for more pretty pink, malabrigo makes a silky merino yarn called Party Pink. It's my absolute favorite, soo nice to work with.