Friday, February 20, 2009

What Will I Be When I Grow Up

Buying yarn with a purpose is a wonderful thing. Knowing that I am buying just the right yarn for a project gives me confidence. It moves my mind forward in imaging the finished product. But sometimes. Sometimes, something just catches my eye and I have to have it. Have to.

For instance, about a month ago I ran into Modern Yarn in Montclair to EXCHANGE some Koigu. I had been afraid that two hanks wouldn't be enough for my Django socks and had bought a little extra. Just in case. That purchase had come with a promise that I was free to exchange any of the yarn as long as it was still in the original hank. And so on that sunny Sunday afternoon, I popped inside for a minute. A very long minute. For I had to catch my breath as I stared star struck at all the Koigu that faced me. And I stared long and hard. "Which of these pretties would be good for any of the projects that I had in mind?," I asked myself as I stared.

And the Koigu? It stared back. And it said,

"Pick me!"

"Pick me!"

And I did. With no project in mind. Just feeling a little light-headed and giddy.

Yarn fumes will do that to you.


lunaticraft said...

Wow, that first skein is stunning. The second one is amazing too!

Amanda said...

When yarn speaks to you, you simply have to listen!

Lupie said...

I nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger Award. Check my blog.