Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Best Laid Plans

Yes, they do go awry. Take this weekend. A three day weekend. A Knitter's dream. And it all started off nice enough. Lovely Shabbos meals. Motzei Shabbos knitting. My regular Sunday morning Starbucks date with my good friend D. Another coffee date on Monday with Madstitcher1. I was plodding along, resolute in finishing my Druid Mittens. And then. Who'd have thought a holiday weekend could take such a turn. Monday afternoon I started feeling, well, not so great. And I took to my bed in early evening and pretty much stayed there for the next 36 hours. I got myself back to work yesterday but knit nary a stitch during my lunch break. Just. Wasn't. Interested. (Did I just write that?) I perked up a bit yesterday evening and had a lovely visit with the Wigged One. And then AFTER she left I picked up my knitting again and did two rows on my Charlotte's Web. And that's it folks. That's it.

Of course you may have noticed that I've frogged the lovely Jasper and replaced it with Star Sapphire. No, I don't love it as much. No, it is not the shawl that I envisioned. But I believe it is a better gateway to Color 4 and, ultimately, Color 5 which means that I may some day actually have a shawl.

And the good news in all of this. I DID finish the Druid Mittens before disaster struck. You'll just have to wait for some photos. I think I do a pretty good job with the picture taking but I don't think I can manage taking a picture with no hands!

And now, all that stands between me and Almeara is this:


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you weren't feeling well. Understatement! There's a 'bug' going 'round that really is horrid and tiring and awful. Sounds like you know that, though. Hope you are soon back to your self all the way. And knitting full steam ahead! samm

lunaticraft said...

Its surprising how much being sick can affect you, even making you not want to knit! Regardless, glad to hear you've perked up a bit. That shawl is still looking amazing, frogging of colors or not.