Friday, January 9, 2009

Elegant with a Touch of Bitterness

That's the definition of the Japanese Shibui and quite apt for soft, elegant colors with a twist from ShibuiKnits yarns. My first Shibui experience was with Spectrum, the riotous colorway I used for Caruso (rav link). My next Shibui project was is the Icosa Ball Pillow which has been getting a lot of mention recently, but not much real action. (And yes Debbie, I meant you. Though you don't know the Wigged One - formerly know as New Roommate - the Icosa Ball is supposed to be her long overdue wedding present. So you see you did start the chain with regard to her coming to visit Wednesday night.) And then I really, truly fell in love with the yarn when I started working on the Endpaper Mitts. Though I abhor the pooling that does occur - notice I didn't say "can" - even with the shaded solids, I love the way it comes out when worked stranded. All this is a long winded way of showing off some of the latest additions...


and Kiwi
I'm working out now how I'm going to combine some of these in a hat, socks, mittens... The possibilities could be endless.

Where can you find this wonderful yarn? Most of mine has come from Sonny & Shear, though I have picked some up a Simply Socks and Eat.Sleep.Knit. All three stores are linked on my side bar.

Have a happy, knitting weekend.


lunaticraft said...

Amazing colorways!

Jeanne said...

Gorgeous yarns!

carla said...

I love all of the yarns, and the socks in the previous post are absolutely gorgeous. I just love them.

Lupie said...

Be still my heart! such beautiful yarn and the colors are amazing!