Friday, December 19, 2008

Snuggly Thoughts

It looks like winter is finally here.

It started snowing about 4 hours ago, and will continue into the evening. It will continue on sporadically tomorrow. Probably into Sunday as well. Visons of roaring fires and soft, warm woolens cloud my thoughts. "Can I get 17 more rows and two buttons sewn on before Shabbos?" "What's the warmest scarf I have?" "Don't forget the thrummed mittens." Why hasn't my Blue Moon purchase shown up yet so I can start/finish Charlotte's Web?" "I want warm and snuggly surrounding my toes!"

Good thing I stocked up on socks this summer. And keep my self fully stocked in gorgeous sock yarn. The newest warm and snuggly? Malabrigo Sock!

The colorway is called Rayon Vert, and if the colors seem reminiscent of the Cheerleader's Endpaper Mitts there is a reason. Why should she be the only one to benefit from that color combo?

A little less bright, but gorgeous just the same.
Now, what pattern will do this justice?

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Jeanne said...

We got snow yesterday too - and I think we are getting more tomorrow. I wish I could stay in an knit all weekend but I have to finish my shopping. Love the new yarn - gorgeous colors!