Monday, December 22, 2008

Not the Snow Bunny Type

If you hadn't noticed, it's been cold. While I may be no stranger to cold, it is not my favorite state of things. Lest anyone forget, I am a California Girl by nature. So while it was fun to traipse around the snow in Moscow, Kiev even Siberia, at the end of a week or two I was back home in Jerusalem. Besides, indoors it was steaming. Not here in New Jersey. Or at least my part of New Jersey.

My bedroom, though I chose it, is the coolest in the house. Thanks to a good friend who took me Target Sunday night (and again last night,) I now have flannel sheets and a new comforter.

My office doesn't fare much better. For the last week the heating guys have been trying to get something to work. Oh, other suites seem to be fine, and even the rest of our suite. But the bank of offices against the back wall have been pretty frosty. Space heaters have been brought in and Frik is now nice and toasty. My office remains without. How fortunate that I managed to sew the buttons onto Twist & Shout before leaving for work this morning!

You remember that box o' Malabrigo?

It's now a nice toasty cardi/jacket. It should be too warm to wear indoors. How fortunate am I that heating was out!

There she is. With a snowy backdrop.

And I love the button I found (Stix n' Stitches, Montclair).

She is warm and toasty and, even if I say so myself, fits well.

Twist and Shout by Robynn Weldon (Knitty link, Rav link)
Yarn: Malabrigo Yarn Merino worsted
Needles: 5.5 mm/ US 9 Knit Picks Options
Purchased at Eat.Sleep.Knit

Now of course she isn't perfect. I have learned a few things in the making of this sweater. Malabrigo is as soft and yummy as everyone says. Malabrigo also pills as much as everyone says too. At least the worsted weight does. Unfortunately I only found those opinions once I was half way through the sweater. I still have a couple of hanks and a couple of hanks in the Cuarzo colorway. I think they will be great for accessories. Plus I haven't tried out the lace weight or sock yarns that I have in my stash. And I am not cancelling my Malabrigo Club subscription, it will give a good sampling of all their products. Also, she is a bit bulky. Additional bulk I don't really need. If I were to make her again (and I might if it were a size smaller) I think I'd use Berroco, or even the recommended yarn.


Friar Frak said...

It looks great. I can say that, because I can say I've actually seen it being worn! If you want my opinion (probably not) I would suggest White Yak next time you decide to make such a jacket. I understand that there is even spray that you can get to recreate the original smell. YUM! Best of all, my research tells me that White Yak doesn't pill! Amazing.

Warm regards from the friendly environment 20 feet from the cold outside walls.


Lupie said...

It looks awesome but I agree that we learn so much from each project.
So there are only good mistakes.

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Your projects are gorgeous:)Happy two-year blogiversary Hugs Darcy

katerina said...

The cardi/sweater looks just beautiful. I love the Malabrigo, but never have the guts/extra $$ to make such a great piece. I love seeing how the colorway knits up! Thanks for sharing!