Monday, November 24, 2008

Short and Sweet

First I was bad, then I was sick. Now I just am. So here is a quicky to prove I'm still around. More details to follow...

Twist and Shout. Here is a nice progress shot of sleeve 2, taken in the freezing sunshine yesterday.

But don't think that's as far as I got. As the sun sank and the darkness pervaded, the sleeve was finished and the seaming began!

Lazy Daisy is moving along. Now that Twist and Shout is in the seaming phase, this will be my new lunchtime project.

The buttons arrived for Baby Rockstar Jacket. (More info and link coming.)

They look even better with the jacket.

Too bad the buttonholes are too small. Working on a solution now (maybe snaps?)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Baby Rock Star looks great. Taking a closer look, the buttons look a little like pig noses - threads nicely with the Charlotte's Web theme. Wiiiilbur!!