Thursday, November 13, 2008

Queen of Denial

Here's the thing. If I don't do this now, we run the risk of no new entry, again. So you'll have to deal with mediocre photos, flashed in my bedroom at an insanely early hour. Because by the time the sun comes out enough to take decent photos, I'll be out of here. Or trying at least.

So what have I been up to? Well Twist & Shout is still coming along. In fact, it's better than coming along. I'm about 1/3 of the way through Sleeve 2!

For all the terrible evils of flash, I must say this is one of the most color accurate shots I've gotten! Anyway, once the sleeve is done there is the dreaded seaming. I haven't even seamed Arietta yet, that's how much I dread it. Actually, that's not quite true. I started Arietta and because it was at a much smaller gauge and the color rows had to line it, it proved to be a bit difficult. That's why I bought the Quick Klips, thinking they might help the process. It's just that I haven't sat down to try again. I'm less worried with Twist & Shout. The bigger gauge gives me something easier to work with; the clean, even selvedge will make this go smoothly. Besides, after the seaming there is still the collar to add, which I am hoping will prove to be very motivational in getting it done.

Next, I've snuck in a little something. A small thank you gift for a friend. You see, I have this amazing friend who drives me to work every morning. Not because it's on her way - she doesn't work - just because she has the time. She won't take gas money, though I've tried, and thank you just isn't enough. I did send her a very nice flower arrangement after I received my first pay check, but that was a while ago. And now there is even more to be thankful for. She and her husband went on vacation last week and they gave me the use of their car! Independence for two whole weeks! Definitely deserving of something special. So I decided to make her something while she is gone. Something that can give her as soon she gets back.

Remember the gorgeous Manos Silk Blend I bought at the end of the summer?

What could be more perfect for a neck warmer? So I went through the stitch dictionaries and decided upon the Lazy Daisy stitch and cast on. I think it shows off the colors wonderfully.

And here we are, just a few days later and I'm already past the half way mark.

I'm going for 22" total length. Sunday I'll go buy the perfect buttons...

And finally, this is something I am NOT showing you. I did not already wind up my STR Medium Weight in Coral (the first color of the my planned Charlotte's Web,) into a cake.

Nor did I already cast on, and get to row 32 (the first color change happens at row 43.)

No I did not do this, because I am not supposed to start until Twist & Shout is finished, until more progress is done on Jeanie. (Remember Jeanie?) Nor until I restart my Druid Mittens or the Cheerleader's promised Endpaper Mitts. No, there is no Charlotte's Web. It's just a figment of your imaginations....

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