Monday, November 10, 2008

Color me Happy

Forget about whatever stash I was going to flash on Friday. Blogger was acting up and the post got lost and it was way too close to Shabbos to try again. But never mind any of that, because Sunday was a gloriously sunshiny day! And I got lots and lots of pictures of ALL my new Blue Moon Fiber STR haul. But you must have patience. It would be insane to show it all off at once. You might think I've finally gone over the edge, acquiring SO MUCH yarn in so short a period.

No, all you get for now is a partial viewing. But what a viewing! At last I found my five colorways, all in Medium Weight, to make a huge, cozy, hopefully gorgeous, Charlotte's Web!

Starting with Coral,

which flows into Lettuce Knits,

followed by Jade,

and into Treehugger,

until it melts into Jasper.

I am so pleased with this color combination.

Still, I am holding back on the cast on. There are other projects to be finished. I will be strong.


Dibosai said...

It is a lovely combo. Can't wait to see the actual project!

Anonymous said...

Tanta J.

This is simply fabulous. Those hanks are so very yummy. The fall weather and all the leaves on the ground bring me back to my childhood where I would gather up a huge pile of leaves and dive in. I feel the same way about these beautiful hanks of yarn. This Charlotte's Web project is simply TERRIFIC and RADIANT. Even, Wilbur, who was SOME PIG, would love to cuddle with this HUMBLE creation!