Friday, October 3, 2008

Moody Blues

There are many great things about knitting blogs. Back in Israel they were really the only way I knew what was going on in the Knitting World. I learned about yarns, patterns, techniques, where to buy them and where to find them for free. They were my lifeline to the knitting world, a string that was keeping me afloat during difficult times. Over time I've added to, subtracted from and seen some of my original blogs disappear altogether. But it is those original ones that are still around that feel like old, familiar friends.

I've been reading Knitting on Impulse since those early days and remain constantly in awe of Ruth's talents. Her jewelry designs are just gorgeous as well and I hope to buying a very special birthday present from her soon. But it was her photos and dyeing that have transfixed me. I watched as week after week she posted amazing photos of her yarns and the world of nature that inspire her. When Ruth started selling her yarn there was only one thing coming between us. Unemployment. So wasn't I thrilled that I found a job and could finally buy some!

Imagine my delight when a package all the way from Canada graced my front door this afternoon. And look what was inside:

Each hank is adorned with a label featuring the original photo that inspired the dye. If you want to see the actual photos (and not these terrible reproductions you MUST go to Ruth's on-line store, because you know she doesn't just dye and make stunning jewelry, she's also an amazing photographer!) But before you do, just feast your eyes on what I snagged!

Merino Mist lace weight in Hollyberry

And Summit Sock in Forget Me Not.

You didn't let me down Ruth. It's gorgeous!