Thursday, October 2, 2008

Catching Up

Amidst the coughing, wheezing, praying and eating there has been some knitting going on, even if much of it has become frog worthy!

Still haven't finished seaming it. And what I have done isn't the best. Poor thing.

I'm planning on some quality time with her on Sunday. We'll see how that goes; best laid plans and all.

Druid Mittens
Love the pattern. No, LOVE the pattern. Love the richness and depth of colors in the yarn. The yarn itself, not so much. Yes it's scratchy as all get up, but it also snaps when pulled too snugly. How coarse and delicate come together in one yarn I have yet to figure out. At least I have perfected my spit splice abilities.

More importantly, despite my best efforts, I have made mistakes. And this pattern can afford no mistakes. So I've done a lot of ripping back. In fact, so much, I probably have done a whole mitten's worth of knitting. Not that I can prove it.

Here's the newest mistake I've found, about 25 rows back. One little cable crossed the wrong way.

Totally ruins the line of the thing. Oh, and they are a wee bit tight.

So do I rip back again? Can the yarn take it one more time? Or do I call it quits for this yarn and try again with something else. Because you know I found something else. I made it to Montclair (before I got sick,) to pick up a little something, something on Thursday evening after work. A few little something, somethings if the truth be told. Amongst them, a different, thicker, (and dare I say less scratchy,) Shetland yarn in plums with deep purples. Which means no more snapping yarn and a slightly bigger mitten.

For now the mittens are on hold.

Slow but sure progress. I love it. I really do. The yarn is gorgeous to work with as well as look at. And the finished product is truly elegant. But the knitting experience, let's face it. It's all ribbing. Fancy, cabled ribbing with drop stitches, but 1x1 ribbing nonetheless. I've finished the first ball of yarn. Finally! (Need to take a new picture!)

My Mini-Maiden will have more total yardage than the called for Smooshy so I'll either have leftovers or will make it bit longer. We'll see. All in all I'd guess I'm at the 40% mark.

And new to the game, the Malabrigo project, and I'm loving it! A true delight to knit with. Heaven. I guess it too is basically ribbing but there's a bit of shaping going on and it definitely knits up faster.

I'm hoping the blocking will even up those cables a bit. But is the color amazing!

Of course there are the multitude of UFOs languishing and an Amigurumi lamb waiting to be made for T's 6th birthday…

I'll get there. Eventually.

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Cool Crafty Mom said...

The lamb is adorable. It looks like something my son would love to have.