Thursday, September 11, 2008


Words may be cheap but right now they cost just a bit too much. I'm still working through this job thing. Trying to find time to knit. Trying to capture your interest with my progress becomes a bit more challenging. Combine that with this new urge to work only on WIPs (though I doubt that will last too long...) and it makes blogging a wee bit challenging these days. I mean except for what can only be accomplished with the needle (darning that is,) Marie Antoinette and Arietta are actually finished. And what keeps my attention these days? I dream only of Jeanie.

See how she grows. I'm nearly done with the first ball of Mini Maiden. She's soft and warm and oh, so luxurious. And she is constant. Constant ribbing. Which can result in work getting a little slowish.

But look at those cables. And those dropped stitches. And she is reversible!

She will be a glorious adornment. One day. Soon I hope. Really. Because I lied. I'm dreaming of other things as well.

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