Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It's All in the Details

The hour is late, the packing is done. Tomorrow I'm homeward bound. I can't believe it's been six months! Still, every six months is much, much better than the once a year trips I used to get from Israel. So here's fair warning, the knitting content may be low over the next week, but I'll do my best to blend in the knitting with the family fun.

For now, let's talk a bit about Ornette (Ravelry link). I can't say enough about Cookie A's designs. They look much more complicated than they are, the charts are clear and the instructions thorough. I can't imagine the time Cookie puts in to create such quality patterns. This is now my third Cookie A sock (see Monkey and Django which is still a WIP) and there are so many more I want to make. They are just what I want, beautiful, interesting, different and challenging. Yes they may not be "hard" but you best be paying attention! I've done my fair share of *tinking* but the time limits set by the Ravelympics have pushed me towards doing the best I can under pressure. So even though I *tinked* away, I didn't rip back and start over as I did with Django. Nope. I even let this unsightly err get through.

But despite its little blemish, I really love this sock. And of course a pattern of this caliber deserves only the best yarn. Sundara Sock in Lilac. Love!

This is the Right sock. The faux cables all go towards the right...

The band travels from top left to the bottom right and cross back at the foot, in other words it on the outside of the sock.

And here it is close up.

The gusset is seen on the inside

And I love the way the toe is fashioned.

And here it is, the completed Right Sock.

The Left sock is a mirror image of the Right. The left faux cables a little trickier to execute than the right ones, but I've got them down already. I've got the rhythm of the sock, but I keep the chart by my side. You know, just in case.

A word about the charts. For the leg section there is a Right and a Left chart. There are also mini charts for Cable Panels A and B. All four are on the same page but it is impossible to line them up since each leg chart uses both the panels. Also, the panel runs along the left of the Left chart, and to the right of the Right chart. So I found it easiest to print out an extra copy of this page, cut out each of the four charts and move the panels into place as needed. It keeps everything much simpler, I just focus on the chart I need at that time.

I'm over half way down the leg for the Left Sock and time is running out. I hope to get lots of work in on the plane but it was all so last minute I have a MIDDLE seat. Ugh! Still there is plenty of time on the two hour bus journey to Kennedy and all that waiting around in the airport. Plus I'll have some time on Friday and if they still aren't finished before Shabbos, then after Shabbos it's straight through till morning because the Closing ceremonies are approximately 9 am Sunday morning, CA time! Tic, toc. Tic, toc.


Anonymous said...

I love the sock! What a gorgeous pattern! Happy journey, friend. :O) samm

Anonymous said...

Looks great! Good luck with finishing on time.