Monday, August 4, 2008


ETA: Forgive me if you can't see the pictures. It appears that the table is too wide for some computers, Explorer is having issues even showing the pictures at all, and though I made a single montage shot which I hope to link to the photo set on Flickr, Blogger hasn't allowed me to upload pictures for over two hours now. That's what I get for being so prepared today...

What a weekend. A girl can only be given so much material to work with. Perhaps two little days gave me enough to work with for a whole week?

Skipping over Shabbos for now, I'll get straight to yesterday. NNR, The Cheerleader and I set off just after noon to visit the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. Traffic into the City was not uneventful, license plates from many a state including Alabama, South Carolina and Illinois were spotted along the way. The sanity of the GPS lady was questioned more than once. Only after we were safely over the state line did The Cheerleader realize that, perhaps, it wasn't that the GPS was whacked (at least not this time.) Yes it had taken us on a completely different route than she remembered from her previous visit, but that, it seems was due to the fact that she had actually visited the Bronx Botanical Gardens. And though the journey took longer than expected, the stop and go traffic through previously unexplored parts of Brooklyn (at least unexplored by me) afforded ample opportunity to observe some potential photo shoots the Sartorialist had clearly rejected.

We arrived at the Gardens two hours before closing and made the most of them. I found inspiration all around, unfortunately my camera and skills limited the number of quality shots to share. But I got enough that I'm happy with to overwhelm you with now. So here we are, a day at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens:

driving therewhite hibiscus100_2819
thistlesimply loverosebud pink
100_2837pergolapagoda on pond
conservatorylily pond closeuphydrangea blue
black eye susan100_2880red roses
100_2839lily ponddeer tongue
100_2862c and bbabbling brook
100_2846100_2848hydrangea white
curlylocks boxwood2marigold100_2881
hydrangea pink2peppersmanhattan bridge

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