Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Shock the Monkey

Truth be told, I am completely and utterly exhausted. I just came home from a wedding in Lakewood. The drive itself was enough to wear me down! I did take advantage of the traffic on the way there and got in a nice bit of knitting while someone else kindly did the driving for over an hour and a half. Once there I spent a lovely evening with my oldest, dearest friend, who also happens to be the very, very young bride's aunt. And as tired as I am, I still want to share my finished Monkey socks before I collapse into bed. (I'm cheating on the time stamp - it's really just gone midnight. But only just, so I deem it acceptable to be Tuesday's post.)

Monkey by Cookie A
Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock - Lightweight
Colorway: Nodding Violet
Purchased at: Blue Moon Fiber Arts
Needle: US 2 / 2.75 mm
Heel: Eye of Partridge

My new sock blockers hard at work.

The enchanting toe.

The whimsical heel.

The elegant gusset.

The classy cuff.

The complete package. Gotta love them.

And almost 6,000 people can't be wrong!

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