Friday, June 27, 2008

Love Letters

True love never dies. But the appropriate time for giving wedding presents may have its limits. Fortunately I have decided not to test them too much. This present is almost finished!

Yes, it's the Be My Love/Monogram Pillow.

Of course (ahem) you remember the Be My Love side of the Pillow.

Then there was that nasty mishap with the original Monogram side (i.e. it sucked!) Sort of slowed up the whole process. Actually it put it to sleep.

So I pulled out the monogram again,

and recharted (remembering it must be a mirror image.)

And I knit, snoozed, knit, snoozed until yesterday I said to my self, "Get on with it already." Surprisingly (or not) Self sounded remarkably like my mother.

And there it was, finished! And off to a bath of cool sudsy water to prepare this for blocking and to release any dirt or oils I may have (probably) transferred onto the project.

Unfortunately it released a lot of dye as well.

I asked myself, "What would Clara Parkes do?" I'd like to imagine she'd say something like, "Since the project is not for wear and won't transfer to skin or be washed a lot, it should be ok." I hope that's what she'd say. Anyway, the color still looked fine once I rinsed it out so I set to blocking it into a 12" square.

I'm pretty pleased with the final result.

All that's left now is the applied I-cord edging and finding a pillow to put inside. Oh, and to get back to work on the other belated wedding present, the Wigg-ed One's Icosa Ball pillow.

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Anonymous said...

I would be thrilled to have such a wedding gift! It's going to be beautiful all put together. :O) Lovely job! I'm glad the "Mother Voice" in your head got you going on it.:O) samm