Monday, March 24, 2008

Moving Again

Again. Again. Again. 4th move in less than a year and 3rd apartment in Passaic.

Yes, it's moving day again. And perhaps the only post for this week. Or at least for the next few days. We'll see what goes with the cable guy. So for now here's a quick update.

Purim was fab and the Sushi was LOVED by its recipients.

New Roommates wedding is now less than two weeks away and I have completed ONE triangle out of 20. Ummmmmm. Still not sure about the yarn overs. You can't really see the holes here, but when this is stretched out? And I am still planning on buying a dark brown for the lining so they may not show up on the completed ball. And for those of you who were wondering about size, pre stretching out this triangle is 4.5". Remember, there will be no seams. In fact, it will grow a bit since the the triangles are grafted together.

Oriel Sock
As per my standard two at a time rule, I tend to go one at a time for the gusset section. Well after finishing one and a bit, I realized a couple of things. First, I screwed up!

See that lovely gusset edge. Well it isn't supposed to be one stitch in. It is supposed to be right on the edge and though I'd really love to say I can live with it the way it isn't, I can't. Which takes us to the second point. I think the legs are going to be too loose.

These two things combined guarantee I will be ripping!

Now I am liking the heel (gotta like something, right?) Starting at the gusset section (which is also the beginning of the pattern repeat,) I had switched to 2.5 mm for the bottom part of the sock. I think this time I will try using the 2.5 mm needles for the pattern section too.

As you can see, it doesn't look too bad on the foot, only around the leg. For a big, widish foot, I don't actually have big ankles so the smaller needles should work out just fine.

And I finally finished my Rock and Weave socks.

Though I still need the buttons. I am leaning towards orange or maybe lime green.


TinkerTots said...

What colorway did you use for your Rock and Weave socks? They look awesome!

Orlop =) said...

OMG you do love a chalenge. If it'sn ot enough that you need to knit 20 triangle...that I can some how come to terms with, you are going to graft them together...Oy Vey...that is a hell of a lot of work. I wish I had the patients to do that.