Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Not Just Dreaming

Since the years I lived in Jerusalem, when the weather gets bad, dreary, just not fun, The Mamas and The Papas' California Dreaming always comes to mind. It is my own little mantra of types and though it is just a dream, it gets me through the ickiness. Yesterday it snowed a bit, just light, but still. Dreary. And the clouds are dark and gray yet. It should start raining any minute. But I am going to spend the next week living the dream. Yes, I'm packing my bags and getting ready to fly. I'm off for a week to visit the family and hopefully some California sunshine. I hear the rains have stopped and it is supposed to be nice. I hope that won't just be a dream. Grandma is in for a while from London, and of course it's never too often to see the kiddies. The Golden Snitch will finally be delivered to S and maybe I'll let T & N choose new toys they'd like. As for my mom and sister, well Mom is a fine knitter indeed but not really a supporter of my knitting efforts (she'd rather I spend the time on other things...) My sister has a big birthday coming this summer and I have just the thing in mind. But for now it's a surprise. And the other nice thing I look forward too is meeting up with the ladies of Uknitty at Starbucks on Sunday.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with a little update and new project. I'll try to write but can't guarantee photos. Though I may be in close proximity to Silicon Valley, the computers I will have access to may not be at that level.

Thrummed Mittens:
While I hope I won't be needing these during my trip, I do intend to finish them up!

Mitten 2, past the half way mark.

side by side

And a new pair of socks. My first toe-ups! The Firestarter by Yarnissima. I'll give you the specs later on, but for now I'll mention they are in Blue Moon Fiber Arts STR lightweight in the Chickabiddy color way.

I'm still so squeeing over my ball winder!

The directions are a little odd, but I'm getting through. I made my own chart with more recognizable symbols but, really, I think I already have the pattern down after one repeat. I also shifted the cable stitches to the center because I found my first purl stitch was coming out quite loose. This way the cable section easily stands out and is easier to work. We’ll see how this works when I get to the gussets, I may have to shift them back again. The gussets on these look really cool. Can't wait to get there!

2 socks on 2 (instead of Magic Loop)

Close up of toe section, showing 1 repeat.

I also will be taking my BlueJay Walkers, Shag and Jeanie, giving her some of the love she so richly deserves.

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