Thursday, February 7, 2008

California Day 2
Marin County

The sun came out today. So nice to feel the sunshine and go about without a coat. Without a scarf. Without a hat. In fact the only knitted goods I had on me were my Firestarters. And they travelled with me today as we hit some stores and did a lot of nothing. There's nothing like pulling out your socks whilst standing in line at a discount clothing store or sitting in Strarbucks. Life goes a bit more slowly with a 91 year old grandmother in tow, which means more opportunities to knit a few rows. Bless her! I'm halfway into the gusset now. Who knows how far I'll get before I get home. But really, Jeanie needs to start getting some love. Because I love this pattern. And I love this yarn. Still, I have two weddings to attend over the next two months, and though I have nothing to wear, I'd love to have Jeanie wrapped around my shoulders.

I'll take this opportunity to send out a big Mazal Tov, because one of those brides is New Roommate! Woo Hoo! And the search for a new New Roommate may be at and end. I hope new New Roommate knows what she's in for!

Now I think it's time to get back to my Firestarters...

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