Thursday, November 29, 2007

I Get Around

I meant to get this post out on Monday, but then the hours slipped by and it was too dark to take a good progress picture, so I put it off until Tuesday. I was supposed to go to the city for lunch but it turned out to be dinner and another blogging day gone by. So here I am on Wednesday otherwise known as What's On Your Needles Wednesday and I have something to show for myself!

But first, Yesterday. Yesterday I went into the city to meet up with my cousins, Stephen and Beth, who were visiting from London. I hadn't seen them for three years so I was V. excited! I got in a good 40 minutes of knitting time on the train and then we met up at Penn station, ran some shopping errands and generally caught up, with Stephen videoing with his newest gadget. (I had accidentally/on purpose left my camera at home. I am regretting it now!) Ooh, and I had my first, second and third experience of riding in a NYC taxi. Too bad it wasn't the Cash Cab but it was interesting nonetheless. Then we stopped into Cafe K for a coffee and snack and the waitress got all our orders WRONG! Stephen received the wrong drink and all our sushi rolls were mixed up but we were tired and hungry so we ate what we got. Then it was more walks and shops until it was time to meet Laurence and Shayna (Stephen's brother, my cousin) who also came in from NJ. Along the way Stephen found one of those souveniry type shops and had to look at the bobble head dolls so in he went to look around while Beth and I talked some girl talk outside. Then out he came with a present for me. Both Beth and I were pretty nervous about what he may have bought, but it turned out to be very cute.

So it was on to dinner at Abigael's where we started with some more sushi while deciding what to order (I have had major sushi cravings since I moved here!) and then I had some popcorn chicken as a first course and then some MEAT. I haven't had a piece of MEAT like that in I don't know how many years. I am not a steak person but this smoked baby back rib was just amazing. And I am embarrassed to say we then had desert! Mine was called Chocolate Decadence it was. I could only eat about half. (Can you till I don't get to restaurants that often?) Beth's Creme Brulet came with a candle and a chorus of Happy Birthday. And then it was time to say good bye. What with Laurence here (he's been here longer than I have) I am hoping to see them more often.

Now back to the knitting. I have a new found affinity to all things round. I've gone from fear of the mobius, the awkwardness of DPNs, and the nightmare of first sock disaster to the joy of a finished sock that fits, the glee of knitting two socks on one circ and the completion of not one but two hats, with two others on the needles and my first try at gloves. I, who was sure that I would NEVER knit in the round, have come, well, around.

First, let's catch up with the socks.

The Peacock Picots are coming along, albeit slowly. Second Sock Syndrome is hard to beat, but I am trying. I know once I get to the heel flap I'll be fine until I finish the gusset. Once we get back to the plain old foot it may be slow going again. I'll have to work on a no calorie, no cost type of incentive. Suggestions?
It really killed me to accept defeat on the Jerusalem Jaywalkers. And HJ-J has been waiting so patiently. Sigh... Still we learn from our mistakes and when I cast on again for Jaywalkers, AND I WILL, I will approach them in a whole new way. Like doing them at the same time! I am truly enjoying knitting two socks on a pair of circulars. As I said in my last post, it feels like the same amount of time as doing one and I know they will be the same length and when I finish, I really finish.

So here are some progress pics on Gwen.
As you can see, I'm already working on the gusset, and with HJ-J's tiny toes, these babies should be done in no time. (Getting good shots of this yarn isn't always easy.)

Here's a close up of the pattern stitch:
I have some ideas, (and some yarn!,) for my next pair, but I won't be casting on until both of these pairs are finished up.

As for hats, I am making progress on Odessa II, (by Grumperina, in MagKnits.)

Remember that surprise I mentioned, well I was hoping to work out a pair of gloves using the Odessa stitch pattern. Again, I think I may have jumped too fast, you think I'd have learned by now. Better to cast on for my first pair of gloves using a simple pattern. Then I'll get back to those Odessa gloves. And maybe someone will beat me to the punch and I can just use their pattern! In the meantime, I have some other hats on the needles and in the queue.

First, my IK Holiday issue arrived today and I have some Cascade 220 put to the side for Koolhaas (by Jared Flood.) I also am working on An Unoriginal Hat (by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee aka the Yarn Harlot) with the called for yarn, Blue Moon Fibers' Leticia, in Rooster Rock. I've got the perfect yarn for Foliage (by Emily Mooney,) Teddy's Wool Sympatic in a beautiful Autumn colorway, and finally, a hat for Talia out of a single ball I have of Gedifra Fashion Trend Stripe. Oh, and probably a Baby Aviator from Andrea Tung's Hats, Mittens & Scarves, for Laurence and Shayna's new baby (he who received that pair of Saartje's Bootees.)

And finally, The Golden Snitch is stuffed and sewn and ready to fly his way to my nephew Sam, who celebrates his 7th birthday today.
Happy Birthday Sammy.

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