Wednesday, June 13, 2007

No, Really, I Am Alive

Crazy. That's the only word to describe my life right now. Crazy, Crazy, Crazy. There, that's my word times 3. Would you believe I've barely touched my knitting needles since I last posted. Seriously. Thank goodness Yona came to visit me Sunday. Such a nice lady. After finding my blog she asked if we could meet up. This was a while ago, but that's how life is. It gets away from us. So after reading that I was leaving, she wrote back and we set a date. She can verify that my apartment is really and truly UPSIDE DOWN! We had a lovely afternoon, talking about knitting and life and I pulled out the needles for the first time in 2 WEEKS! We covered YOs and other increases and even did some entrelac. Oh, and she came bearing gifts. What could be better!

So what have I been up to? Sales. Selling books, selling clothes, selling almost all I own, or trying to. The big Moving Sale is next week. I took out a local ad and everything. Wish me luck. Maybe then I can get back to some knitting.

Don't worry. I haven't been completely craftless. I've been adding to my Wind Chimes scarves (I've got two color schemes going now) and started my first piece of amingurumi AKA making a little Kitty Kat. The newest Knit Simple has four little animals to crochet: a kitty, a bunny, a lamby and a piggy. I'm planning on making 3 out 4 of them. Any guesses as to who didn't make the cut? I was going to post a pic but right now I don't even know where the camera is! Oh well, Little Kitty is only missing 2 arms and a tail and then I get to put her all together! Just need to find some cute buttons for eyes and for her pinafore!

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