Monday, June 4, 2007

10 Reasons to Look Forward to this Move

OK, so far I have 3, but this is a work in progress!

  1. VK subsription @ $19 per year vs. $16+ per issue
  2. Knit nights that begin before 8pm
  3. Hot water in the washing machine so I can finally try felting

If you have any suggestions to add to the list, let me know.

In the meantime, knitting has been a bit on hold. Though I did get some more work on my Wind Chimes (crochet) scarf - pictures coming soon...

Tomorrow, at long last, major work for the move begins! A good friend, and a wiz at organization, is coming over to get me on track. My place, of course, is upside down. You see I sold the closets (this ain't America people, no such thing as built in closets and unfurnished means 4 walls!) a couple of weeks ago to a friend who moved outside of Jerusalem. So things have been in piles ever since. I'm planning on my first of 2 or 3 "everything must go sales" for the end of the week. Place is too small to try to sell everything at once! First to go, the soft goods. Too many clothes, shoes and accessories. A fresh start calls for fresh things once I make the giant leap. So almost everything goes. And being the clothes and shoe horse that I am, that means there are many new and gently used items! Once these go I'll be able to make more sense of the situation and prepare for the next sale or two. Wish me luck!


Lyndela said...

My younger daughter, Julie, is Tante to her 2 VERY young nephews. their parents have planned to make Aliyah since before their wedding. So I can imagine what emotions leaving after 10 yrs is rousing. I hope all goes a easily as possible. Coming thru Michigan?

Orlop =) said...

Well, for one, you just said it, you can look forward to built in closets not to mention so much more space and a much much bigger choice of yarn.

Anonymous said...

hi-jinx and escapades (and ice capades)

AmyS said...

More reasons?
*Better service (and no smoking) in stores.
*People will respect your personal space.
*People won' tautomatically assume you're lying.

I could go on, but that's enough!