Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Oh, Sweet Startitus

It must be the weather. I mean, here I was feeling very self righteous about my knitting monogamy, and wham. I NEED to start something new. Something different. SOMETHING. Maybe it's the sleeves. I seemed to be jammed on most of my WiPs at the sleeves.

My gorgeous On Golden Pond is moving slowly because the gorgeous Sundara FSM is just too slippery for me at the moment. That, combined with the necessary alternation of hanks, is making this move way, way too slowly. It should be done by now. Really.

And Vaila? Well, guess what. With only a few more rows of ribbing at the bottom, it will be on to the sleeves. More alternating. And sleeves.

Then there is poor, poor Alene's Wrap. Sitting there, unattended because it feels like a scarf! I had the opportunity to do a new test knit for Baby Cocktails yesterday. And I declined. Declined. Because it was a scarf. I feel bad, but not too bad because she had enough testers signed up in less then 3 hours.

Of course, since ripping back on Dark & Gothic yesterday, I've made very little progress. It seems that it's not only sleeves holding me back. Ribbing isn't talking to me at the moment either.

Now, funnily enough, my small, travelling companion of the moment is a sleeve. I know. (I'm into irony.) My unofficial WiP is the Solveig Yoke by Elinor Brown. For a change, this is a bottom up, yoke pattern (like Paper Dolls, knit for Miss T last winter.) It starts with sleeves, then the body, and then is joined together at the underarm and followed by a patterned yoke. This will be (ok, is) my first KnitScene knit. So far, no one on Ravelry has started. I so don't want to be the one to catch the mistakes and beg for errata!

And so what did I do? Why get sucked into Cecily Glowick MacDonald's newest design. Jetty. And I have the perfect yarn. In the stash! So I cast on. Hey, just a few stitches until the feeling passed. And there are no sleeves. So when it goes, it should go quickly! Idlewood only took 9 days. Without me being monomagous!

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