Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Little Pop of Color, Please

As I made my way through the park during today's constitutional, I found there is very little color left. In fact, it mostly looks like this:

There was a little gold as I thread my way through the park,

but really, it was mostly just more of this:

No, this is NOT the same picture as above. I promise.

And then I spied this:

Which after all the lifeless brown, seemed to me as this:

and I knew what I needed was some color. Some real color.

And then I reinforced my determination to get through some of my WiPs and give this lonely glove

it's mate.

And so when Mulled Cider and Brunhilde are finished, I am determined to finish Bobbie (I'm just a couple rows short of moving on to the fingers!),

and Chimera and a few others. But let's not get too carried away. I'll have to cast on for something new before I get through them all. I'll have to. It's in my genes.

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