Monday, November 29, 2010

A Series of Unfortunate Angles

When I was home in September I was able to finish and model my Monami Cardigan. Since then I have finished two others, almost finished one (test knit) and started a fourth (yet another test knit). So now that I am an official "Sweater Knitter" it seems that the hardest part still remains finding someone to photograph the FOs.

I loved Calvados as soon as Thea Coleman posted it to her Ravelry Project page and I waited for the pattern's release date quite anxiously. And then I bought it. I think I was working on Monami at the time, but as soon as I returned from SF, I cast on.

This project is the perfect marriage of pattern, yarn and buttons. The yarn, you may recognize as the Harris Tweed I picked up at School Products. It lived in the stash over a year waiting for the perfect pattern to be written for it. And the buttons came from the wonderful Jodie, owner of the fabulous Etsy store Green Ray Productions. I love the deep red against the dark gray. The pattern design is so current, I receive compliments EVERY time I wear it.

These front and back pics have been up on my Ravelry page a long time, but I finally got my mom to take some modeled shots when we were in England. She did so well on the Golden Gate Bridge I had high hopes for the outcome.

Unfortunately she decided, for some inexplicable reason, to shoot with the camera angled up, leaving me with some great shots of the sweater but very unflattering shots of me:
As usual, I added bust shaping.

This asymmetrical sweater is knit from the bottom up. At the underarm, increases are made over successive rows to to give the T-look. After seeming up the three pieces, the collar stitches are picked up and needle size goes up successively to create the full collar.

If I were to make it again, I would omit some of the A-Line flair (by casting on fewer stitches) since, as you can see below, I just don’t have any hips to pull it off. It just sort of sticks out instead of draping. But that’s my body, not the pattern!

Calvados by Thea Coleman
Yarn: School Products Harris Tweed Mill End
Needles: US 7, 8, 9 (4.5mm ,5.0mm, 5.5mm)
Buttons from Green Ray Productions


Anonymous said...

Seeing you in yours makes me want to wear mine!! I wish I had teeny hips... (but I'm laughing at your mom's bust angle - I stopped asking my kids to take pics for that very reason. Think they just don't look after they shoot...)


QuiltedSimple said...

I just linked over here from Ravely - I love my Calvados - it's one that gets frequent wear! Yours is very lovely - i really like the red buttons! Happy Knitting!