Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What a (g)Lovely Day

So this post was supposed to be about my test knitting experience. And it is something I intend to write about because, well, it's important to ME. And perhaps, whether you are a knitter or not, there is something you too can learn from it. But that last post had A LOT of words so I've decided to go a bit sideways for now and show you my current WiP.

I had no intention of deviating from my sweater knitting devotion so quickly, but an opportunity to join Laris Designs newest mitten pattern, Chimera, KAL (which included the pattern) came up and I listened! Frankly, I would have loved to knit these up in this season's neutral palette, but this is a stash busting only project. And hey, look what I found:

Malabrigo Worsted in Lettuce and Olive. I actually have two hanks of Lettuce and will be using the second for a coordinating hat (pattern TBD).

These mittens are just too cool, and with a few mods, like half fingers and flip tops, this double layer of Malabrigo cushiness will keep my hands super warm and cozy this winter. And here we are, a couple of days into the knitting...

But don't worry, stealth sweater knitting continues as does progress on my Wrap it Up.

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Anonymous said...

Tanta J...
I check the blog for new posts but nothing so far.

How is everything? Hope all is well.

Be well,
Frik (or Frak) I forgot which one I am.