Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Taste Testing

Happy Wednesday! I finally have some WiPs to show off! Of course the Super Sekret project remains hidden from sight, but I'm happy to report I am working my way through the third repeat. The pattern calls for 4.5 repeats, but I'm thinking of pushing it to 5.5. Cryptic much?

As for Django, I'm merrily making my way through the foot. Should be done by Sunday.

Clapotis comes along more slowly. I have to be in a real brainless mood to work on it.

The long end is already over 50", but I've got lots more yarn left so I'm going to keep on going.

I love its classic beauty and luxurious feel. It makes me think of winter. In a good way, all wrapped up and snuggly in Casbah goodness. I'm thinking it may be an excellent knit on the plane ride home next month.

Of course just because I'm making progress doesn't mean my eyes, and hands, don't wander. And so I've been testing out a couple more shawls.

First, Tuscany, by Amy Singer (or Knitty fame) from her book No Sheep For You. I'm using Sea Silk in the Hemlock colorway. The color is a bit more variegated than I'd hoped for but I think it will be lovey. It's my first time working with slippery, slidy silk and all is going smoothly.

And finally, I've considering Jeanne by Kirsten Kapur. I'm using Yarn Pirate's Bamboo/Merino blend sock yarn in Hyacinth. The shifting lavenders are beautiful and the bamboo content gives a lovely sheen. I'm just not sure that what I think of the pattern yet.

You know I'm aching to cast on for a hat, I'm gathering my yarns for a multi color cardi and I'm still planning for gloves. I just need more time in the day...

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lara griffiths said...

beautiful lace knitting~ and i just love those gold stitch markers!