Monday, July 13, 2009

Racing Towards Closure

Things seem to take on a more relaxed tone in the summer. It's like we're all still on summer vacation from school, or want to be. I've seen it's not just me, but bloggers in general are writing less. The knitting pace seems to me less frantic. The various shawls are taking shape, but really who needs them in the summer heat?

Still, there has been a need, slowly building and getting ready to burst out. A need for closure. Completion. And to that end, I am revisiting some of my favorite WiPs and going for the gold.

My favorite sock designer, Cookie A, has so many patterns calling out to me. But truly, how can I contemplate casting on something new when Django sits half finished? Make that 3/4 finished! Last week I picked the needles and cast on for the second sock. And here we are, in the middle of the gusset decreases just a few days later.

Starting with a cabled rib cuff,

you can see how the pattern makes its way down the back of the leg. (I know the socks look a little wonky from this angle, but you get the idea.)

And the long, swooping circles encompassing the leg.

Not to mention the squeezably soft Koigu. These socks almost make me wish it was winter. Almost!

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Anonymous said...

Love the hose! nice touch.