Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Poor Arietta (Rav linky). All knit up and no where to go. She's been wanting to be seamed for months already! But thanks to Baby Yours, I'm seem to be in the seaming mood. So when I arrived home late this evening, after a truly exciting time at the new Fairway in Paramus (the shopping was so good I had to call my mom to tell her about it!) with the newly graduated Cheerleader, followed by sushi in Teaneck, I wasn't in the mood for too much knitting. It was late after all. I willingly pulled out the darning needle and set to work.

No, it's not done yet. But it's getting there. The left side is completely finished so all that remains is setting in the sleeve and seaming up the left side. It'll be ready for Autumn, no doubt!

In the meantime, I got in some work on my mystery project (sorry, you'll have to wait a little longer) and found some great buttons for Baby Yours. But more on that tomorrow. I'm very, very tired and I have so much cooking and baking to do tomorrow!


madstitcher1 said...

I am glad you found your way to Fairway, it's a great store. Can't wait to see the mystery project and the buttons. Good Yom Tov.

Eileen said...

We have a Fairway here on Long Island and I love it. Especially the cheese dept. and coffee/tea aisle.