Sunday, April 19, 2009


Wow. It feels like forever since I've written! Most of my away time was taken up with Passover and I had a lovely time. Of course I wasn't knitting, but it was lovely anyway!

I took some time, moments sandwiched between the Holidays, to pour through some knitting books and sniff my yarn. It was a difficult situation but somehow I muddled through.

And of course this past Saturday night I was back to it! Knowing that Round 3 could start at any moment I made the most of my time and was pretty devoted to Charlotte's Web.

This picture is from yesterday afternoon. As of this morning I am three rows away from introducing color 5. I'm hoping that by the time I add the richness of color 5 (I'm hoping Bleeding Hearts won't be too obviously multi - if it is I'll be going with Jasper) that a balance will be achieved between the colors. We'll have to wait and see. I'm not thrilled with the Rosebud beginning, I would have preferred a bit darker of a pink, but I used what was available and I'm hoping it won't be too stark a contrast.

As for the February Baby Sweater, it is still button-less. I did finally get a picture of it though to replace the WiP over at Ravelry. I'm still seeing tiny red buttons on the garter yoke. I hope to go into the City this Friday and visit a button store, so stay tuned.

And finally, I cast on for the Q2 Socks that Rawk! Kal over on Ravelry. This quarter's projects are Shur'tugal and Mad Color Weave, both Free Ravelry Downloads. I've signed up for both, but with Sock Madness going on I hadn't had a chance to cast on for either. This was remedied yesterday when I cant on for Mad Color Weave with Love in STR Lightweight.

2.5 mm needle, 66 sts, 8 spi

Of course with Round 3 being released TODAY, these are back on hold for a bit. But since I have until the end of June to finish both pairs I'm not too worried.

Wish me luck with Round 3!


Megan said...

Everything looks beautiful. I love the baby sweater. I think red buttons would be perfect!

lunaticraft said...

That baby sweater is simply adorable. The red buttons would like amazing with it, I think.

Good luck with round three!